Best Practices for Updating an Employee Handbook

Workers in the US are very different today from how they were ten or even two years ago. With the changes in worker expectations, it is important that your business evolves alongside them. Here are a few tips for updating an employee handbook.

Use Inclusive Language

Your employee handbook might use pronouns such as “he” or “she,” but consider also using the pronoun “they.” Millennials and Gen Zers are making the general public more aware of gender nonconformity, and many individuals in these cohorts use the pronoun “they.” Your handbook should reflect inclusivity of non-traditional gender identities.

Allow for Mental Health Breaks

Mental illness can be exacerbated by overwork. Millennials and Gen Zers are particularly prone to depression and anxiety due to a combination of factors including student loan debt, high cost of housing and low wages. Allowing employees to take time off for mental health reasons can allow them to be more productive while on the clock. 

Accept Individuality

Consider the reasons for prohibiting certain things according to your employee handbook, especially ear piercings, unnatural hair colors and other marks of individuality. While these aesthetic choices may have been considered extreme 30 years ago, today they are commonly accepted. Consider eliminating the prohibition of these aesthetic choices in order to attract a wider pool of quality workers.

It is important to update your employee handbook to reflect modern life. These are just three things to consider.