3 Big Problems With Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are trusted to provide 24/7 care for the disabled and elderly who are unable to care for themselves. While they may strive to hire caring staff and provide the best care, issues can and do arise. Here are three big problems with nursing homes.

1. High Staff Turnover

It takes time to train staff properly, and in some facilities with high rates of staff turnover the quality of care provided has been shown to be lacking. Patients in these homes may have more urinary tract infections, pain, and other health issues due to inconsistent care. 

2. Crowded Living Arrangements

While increased social interactions and the ability to make friends can be perks to assisted living, some residents find they don’t get along with roommates and may yearn for more time alone. Space problems with nursing homes and having to make the move from a larger home or apartment into a much smaller living area could be an added challenge for patients.

3. Patient Rights

The Nursing Home Reform Law covers the rights of patients while in residential care. However, parts of the document can be left open to interpretation, such as what the definition of “disagreeable” is. Patients and their families may want to review this information to stay well-informed of their rights. 

In short, residents and their families should expect quality care from a nursing home facility and their staff.