Finding the Right House for You

House hunting can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. It can be so easy to lose sight of your budget when looking at all of the possibilities available to you. How can you stay within your means and still purchase a home that is perfect for you? Focus on creating your personalized new home checklist.

What Are Must-Haves?

Everyone has at least one feature that is their make-or-break item. Determine what this is for you. For some it is an eat-in kitchen, for others it may be a two car garage. Limit this to no more than three items that are deal-breakers.

What Are Nice-To-Haves?

Features that would be nice-to-have may include granite countertops or hardwood floors. This list tends to grow as you look at more homes, and the temptation to splurge can become appealing. Separating these nice features from your must-haves is crucial to not overspending.

What Is the Budget?

Be sure that you have considered your complete financial picture before you determine your price point. Once you have a number that is comfortable, do not compromise.

Which House Is “The One”?

With this checklist in hand, finding your perfect fit will be much easier. Choose the house that is within your budget and has all of your must-haves. By focusing on these two lists, and not allowing your nice-to-have list to drive your decision, you will make a great choice.