How To Handle a Scenario Where Your Boat Start Flooding

Nothing can ruin a day on the high sea more than realizing your boat is taking on water. Though it can seem like a dire situation, flooding can be handled by keeping a cool head and assessing the situation. In order for you and those aboard your vessel to come out of this situation unharmed, you absolutely want to plan ahead for such setbacks. Consider this information to make the right decisions regarding the potential flooding of your hull.

The Right Precautions

To prevent boat flooding, you always want to check the hull before you leave the dock. Routine maintenance should help you get a better idea of the integrity of your vessel in advance. Taking out appropriate insurance can also offer you peace of mind that any incidents that occur will be covered by your policy. In the event that your boat takes on water, be sure to focus on the safety of your passengers. Have everyone put on life jackets and close all the doors and hatches of the ship. Additional steps to take include:

        Inspect the bilge pump and turn it off

        Attempt to stop the water influx

        Get to shallow waters

A Comprehensive Plan

Time is of the essence when your boat begins to take on water. To feel prepared for whatever the sea might bring your way, be sure to take time in advance to consider all of the different ways you can stay protected while enjoying your time on your boat.