Loss Prevention Through Data Security

The number of transactions conducted online increases each year. This means that employee theft is just as likely to take place in the digital world as it is in the stockroom. Take these steps to protect your business and its assets.

Limit Access to Sensitive Data

From embezzlement to data breaches, there are dozens of ways for employees to steal from your business from their computers. If employees can access financial records or customer information that is not essential to the performance of their duties, your business could be at risk for data theft. Some cybersecurity options for preventing internal crime include limiting access to sensitive information, disabling USB ports, and blocking access to file-sharing platforms. Enhanced cybersecurity may also reduce your insurance rates.

Hold Exit Interviews

Disgruntled employees can wreak havoc long after leaving your company if they take sensitive information with them, so consider conducting exit interviews to detect ill feelings towards the company and remind departing employees of data security policies. The reminder itself can serve as a deterrent, and the exit interview is an opportunity to reiterate legal penalties for violating workplace policies regarding data access and use.

Prevention is the best protection against internal crime, and as crime becomes more sophisticated, business owners must adapt and act accordingly.