Quick Guide to Marina Etiquette

Marinas can be like floating neighborhoods wherein there’s a time and a place for certain behaviors – and some behaviors are unforgivable. Here is your quick guide to marina etiquette.

Handle Your Trash

It is never acceptable to throw trash into the water. Plastic is especially toxic for the choking and entanglement hazards they pose to marine life. Make sure you cut up all plastic loops before discarding them into designated receptacles, including plastic bag handles and six-pack rings.

Move Slowly

Don’t speed out of port or rush in when docking! You don’t want to make waves for your neighbors and their expensive homes.

Keep it Ship-Shape

Keep all hoses, cords and lines coiled or packed away when not in use. Trip hazards are preventable with a little effort.

Maintain Your Vessel

Keep your engine maintained to prevent pollution into the water, which can kill marine life and turn a beautiful body of water into an oily mess. Complete your oil changes and check fluid levels regularly.

Move it Along

Don’t block the dock with your day’s unpacked gear or hog the launch ramps. Move efficiently and plan ahead so you don’t use common spaces longer than necessary.

These are just a few ways to be a good sailor to fellow water lovers, including marine animals.