The Most Common Risks Craft Breweries May Face and How To Help Mitigate Them

Whether you’re thinking about opening your own craft brewery or whether you already own and operate a brewery, understanding the most common risks in your industry is important. Before you purchase insurance or institute a company-wide legal compliance plan, make sure you have some key craft brewery risk insights in your back pocket. Here are the top risks you should know about, as well as how to help mitigate them.

Alcohol Distribution Licenses and Other Legal and Compliance Issues

Legal issues are at the top of the list for risks associated with craft breweries. Before beginning operations or continuing them, make sure you:

  • Secure any necessary alcohol distribution licenses, food safety licenses and other licenses required in your area
  • Get regular food safety inspections
  • Check for legal compliance before offering drive-in, takeout or curbside pickup options to customers

Customer Interest, Competition and Company Branding

Another risk craft breweries may face is stiff competition and a lack of consumer interest. To combat this, it’s important to:

  • Find a strong marketing strategy and a unique branding niche
  • Research local competition and find ways to stand out from other breweries
  • Stoke customer interest by offering high-quality products, great service and occasional discounts or deals

Operating a craft brewery requires awareness of common risks. Now that you have some crucial craft brewery risk insights, you can mitigate these potential dangers more effectively.